Minister Dunsin Oyekan

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Minister Dunsin Oyekan


Dunsin was born in Ilorin, Nigeria, to the family of Gbadebo Oyekan, the General Overseer of Evangelical Baptist Church. He began playing the guitar at age 10, encouraged by his father who once led ‘Spiritual Singers’, a music group that focused on experiencing God through worship. Dunsin studied Industrial Chemistry at the University of Ilorin, Kwara, Nigeria and, in 2014, God called him fully into the worship ministry.

Dunsin’s life is dedicated to bringing the God dimension into the world through sounds imparted to him by the Holy Spirit. His passion is worshipping Jesus and leading others closer to Him through music. For over two decades, he has birthed revelationary songs, sang in choirs, and served as a music director. He is a full-time worshipper who has released four albums — ‘Code Red’, ‘Kingdom Now’, ‘The Gospel of the Kingdom’, and ‘The Glory Experience – Songs of Zion’.

Fondly called “the Eagle”, Dunsin’s desire is to fill the atmosphere with the heart of God, witness God, and stir revival platformed on the power and wisdom of God. He does this through singing, playing the keyboard and guitar, and teaching the word of God. He is the convener of Upper Room, a weekly worship experience, The Outpouring, a revival meeting, and Code Red, an annual worship experience.

Dunsin Oyekan is a devoted family man. He was married to his beloved wife, Adedoyin Oyekan, from February 2, 2013, until the Lord called her to glory on May 18, 2019. They are blessed with two lovely children.